Question on Electronic Cigarettes

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Honourable senators, my question is to the Leader of the Government in the Senate.

I would like to follow up on yesterday’s line of questions concerning the sale of electronic cigarettes. The question was posed by Senator Callbeck on behalf of a Canadian doctor who was shocked to find that people he thought were smoking in a waiting area of the hospital. I think he found out later they were smoking electronic cigarettes, but his concern grew at that point.

Yesterday, unfortunately, we did not receive an answer when it comes to what your government will do with the growing issue of e-cigarette use in our country.

In 2009, Health Canada asked anyone selling e-cigarettes to stop doing so, but since then, they have done nothing. Today, e- cigarettes are a growing problem in our country. They are trendy and easily purchased by our youth, while at the same time, they are not approved for sale in Canada.

This week, we learned that two Edmonton school boards have banned the use of e-cigarettes after police caught a handful of students with e-cigarettes filled with marijuana oil. As well, the Nova Scotia health minister has said their government will introduce legislation this year to govern the use of e-cigarettes.

So I will ask again: When will your government do the right thing and finally ban or regulate the use of harmful electronic cigarettes?

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