Hubley highlights exceptional young Islanders: Nathan Hood

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Honourable Senators,

Today I rise to celebrate the hard work of another exceptional young Islander, Nathan Hood, of Charlottetown, PEI.  Nathan is passionate about being involved in all aspects of his community and serving others well.

Nathan is a fourth-year business student at UPEI who believes strongly in the importance of investing in our future leaders.  He served for two years on the UPEI Student Union Executive, first as Vice President Student Life and then as President, representing approximately 3,800 UPEI students.

Part of his time in these positions was spent developing the Future Executive Development Program, which targets first-year students to provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful student leaders.

Nathan encourages students’ involvement in the community.  He developed a volunteer matchmaker, which connects students to volunteer opportunities in the local community based on students’ interests.  By the end of its first year, the matchmaker had produced over 1,200 matches.

Nathan worked with UPEI to create a new awards program called the Diamond Awards.  Knowing that merit-based awards can disadvantage those from lower-income backgrounds, Nathan developed criteria that focused on non-academic achievements, particularly students’ contributions to campus and the community.  To date, over 31 outstanding students have been recognized and received financial aid through these awards.

Additionally, Nathan has been an active proponent of improving access to postsecondary education and has advocated for PEI to adopt a needs-based grants system that would provide increased financial assistance to those from the least-privileged backgrounds.

Nathan also initiated a new student initiatives fund to support the work of students on campus.  This just brushes the surface of Nathan’s community engagement.

In recognition of his work in student life, Nathan was voted by his peers across the country as the 2016 Canadian Organization of Campus Activities’ Student Member of the Year for Eastern Canada.

This summer, Nathan intends to collaborate with the Young Voters of PEI, a non-partisan group dedicated to improving political engagement among young people, on a project to showcase Island political figures in an effort to better understand and communicate the human side of public office.

Following graduation, Nathan hopes to work in public policy or in a field that helps him improve the lives of others around him.

Prince Edward Island is privileged to have engaged young adults like Nathan Hood giving back.  Nathan, congratulations on your well-deserved success and thank you for your passion and dedication to our Island community.

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