Remarks at National Fiddling Day reception on Parliament Hill

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Good evening, everyone.

I am so pleased to be here at the National Fiddling Day Reception. As you can see, we have even more fiddlers and stepdancers this year.  I hope this can become an annual event.

It was incredibly gratifying for me last year when my bill to establish National Fiddling Day received Royal Assent. The day is really taking off, and there are a number of events happening across the country on Saturday.

I would like to take a moment to say a few thank yous.

Thank you to Graham Sheppard for all your hard work promoting National Fiddling Day, for organizing fiddlers and stepdancers to play for us all here today, and of course for being such a capable Master of Ceremonies.

Thank you to Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen, who helped usher the fiddle bill through the Senate, and for co-hosting this reception.

Thank you also to MPs Mark Eyking and Rodger Cuzner for coming aboard this year as co-hosts. I love your enthusiasm, and I am so pleased that you’ve gotten involved.

Thanks to Dr. Andrea McCrady for playing some of our favourite fiddle tunes so beautifully on the Peace Tower Carillon at lunchtime today.

Finally, a big thank you to this excellent group of fiddlers and stepdancers for taking the time to participate in this celebration. I know people here on the Hill will be talking about this for a while!

Ladies and gentlemen, Canadians from coast to coast to coast share a love for the fiddle. You can find fiddle entertainment almost anywhere, from church basements to Legion halls, from nursing homes to local pubs, to right here in the East Block Courtyard.

I hope that you will stay and enjoy some more great entertainment, tap your toes and maybe even dance a few steps.

Thank you, and enjoy the reception!

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