Senator Hubley questions Minister of Fisheries about aquaculture

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Senator Hubley Questions Minister of Fisheries about Aquaculture: Government Exploring Implementing Committee Recommendation 

Ottawa, November 1, 2016 – Senator Hubley asked the federal Minister of Fisheries Dominic LeBlanc about the aquaculture industry during Question Period in the Senate Tuesday.

Senator Hubley is deputy chair of the Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans, which released a report on aquaculture earlier this year.  The Minister announced he is exploring the committee’s main recommendation to create a stand-alone federal Aquaculture Act.

“Over the course of our hearings we heard from Canadians involved in the industry, and they told us time and again ‎that an Act is absolutely necessary to alleviate the jurisdictional challenges,” said Hubley.

The Minister indicated that he is initiating discussions with his provincial and territorial counterparts to explore how responsibilities can be clarified through new legislation.

A mishmash of federal and provincial regulations makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to get started in the aquaculture business, and a federal Act would be the first step in eliminating some of the barriers.

“I am pleased that the government’s response is to explore the creation of such an Act. I believe there is great value in the aquaculture industry.  It can stimulate investment in rural and coastal communities, and can bring many benefits to Canadians if operated responsibly and sustainably,” said Hubley.

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