Senator Hubley welcomes new members of the Senate

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It is a pleasure to rise on behalf of the Senate Liberal Caucus to welcome our newest senators to this Chamber.

Senator Day, our leader, wanted to welcome you personally – and I know will say a few words after all the new senators have arrived – but he had to leave Ottawa late this morning to represent the Senate at a NATO parliamentary meeting. So it is now my pleasure to greet you on behalf of our caucus.

All of us in this Chamber look forward to working with you.  Each of you brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that I know will enrich the quality of the work we do here.

You are joining the Senate at an exciting time in its long history.  We are working collectively to re-assess how we can best do our work here.  It is a tremendous challenge and opportunity, to re-imagine how one of our founding political institutions should function in the years ahead.

But I believe that the real opportunity each of us is given when we come to the Senate is to make a difference through the actual work that we do for Canadians.  It is an extraordinary privilege to be here – a chance to take our life experience and apply it to advance issues of public policy to truly benefit Canadians.

I know very well that it can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning – but you will find there are many people who are ready and happy to help, from the wonderful Senate staff to – I am sure – every Senator in this Chamber.

So, once again – welcome to the Senate of Canada.  I hope you will find your time here as satisfying and exciting as I have.

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